Mouth Guards


Fissures are the grooves that occur naturally on the biting surfaces of the teeth. All back teeth [molars and premolars] have grooves of greater or lesser depth. Occasionally these fissures occur on the inside aspect of the upper front teeth as well.

As these grooves are very tiny, bacteria and foodstuffs lodge and are not effectively cleaned away by either saliva or even tooth brushing. The presence of this trapped plaque often results in the beginning of tooth decay.

Fissure sealants are plastic coatings that fill these micro spaces thus preventing the build up of plaque in the first place.

The best time to place a sealant is soon after the permanent tooth has erupted. Studies have shown that sealed teeth have much less risk of developing decay than teeth which have not been sealed


This treatment is painless and non-invasive and requires the careful cleaning out of the grooved surface. A stain is applied to ensure complete elimination of plaque, the surface is prepare with a mild acidic solution, dried, bond cured in place and the sealer is then applied and set hard with a curing light.


At Pymble Dental Loving care we are an amalgam free practice and any restorations placed in your child’s mouth will be tooth coloured.