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The Advantages of Getting a Zoom Teeth Whitening

In the past, most people only had the option of using one of the many laser teeth whitening solutions available. Laser teeth whitening has become a very popular way to get rid of discolourations and stains on the teeth. However, traditional laser teeth whitening comes with many risks and can damage your teeth in the long run. A new method that is by far more gentle to your teeth is called Zoom teeth whitening. This way of tooth bleaching works by using a light beam to help brighten the teeth’s surface. The light beam works to destroy the discolourations that have accumulated over time. As the light goes over the teeth, it breaks down the deposits that have settled on the surface. The process takes about fifteen minutes and typically results in a very bright smile. However, some patients report that they have not noticed any noticeable difference in their smiles after having this procedure done.


Unlike other teeth whitening procedures, zoom teeth whitening can also be done right in the comfort of the patient’s home. The procedure does not require a special set up like a dentist office. This is a big advantage because it eliminates the need for patients to travel to see a specialist for treatment. However, this doesn’t mean that you should do the bleaching without any professional consultation. It is important to keep in touch with the expert of your choice at all times to avoid any issues. 


Compared to other traditional teeth bleaching methods, like laser treatments, for instance, zoom teeth whitening is relatively affordable and a good option for anyone who wants a bright smile but doesn’t have access to the financial resources to afford a more expensive treatment. Even though this is the most affordable treatment, it does not necessarily mean that it is less effective than any other more expensive treatments. 

Healthy Teeth Whitening

One thing that is always an important aspect when bleaching your teeth, is to keep your teeth healthy. Teeth whitening procedures are known for harming your teeth and cause a lot of problems for the patient in the future. Zoom teeth whiteners are not dangerous for your teeth and work by providing a gentle touch to the top surface of the teeth. Unlike most bleaches, this bleaching system does not have a harsh abrasive material that can damage the sensitive enamel of the teeth and cause the discolouration to return. Since the process does not damage the teeth in any way, there are many patients that have reported no negative side effects with the zoom technique. 


Teeth bleaching procedures are often associated with a very uncomfortable feeling and sometimes even cause bad toothaches for the patient. The fact that the zoom teeth whitening process has been designed with comfort in mind means that patients are able to get the procedure done in a relaxed and comfortable environment and with minimal pain. When patients undergo Zoom teeth whitening, they can expect to experience a safe, comfortable treatment that allows them to have a brighter smile without having to worry about the discomfort or pain during the healing process. Also, the sensitivity to cold or hot foods and beverages will be kept to a minimum. 

Fast Treatment

Patients have seen results in as little as two to three sessions for most clients with the Zoom process. Some patients have even reported a complete whitening in just one treatment. Another convenient aspect is that the zoom teeth whitening technique allows treating all teeth at the same time as opposed to the traditional laser technique. In that case, each tooth will be bleached individually, which will take much longer. This means that the actual appointment will only take around 15 minutes. 

More Confidence

Another positive thing that has been noted for clients who have had the Zoom procedure done is the amount of confidence they feel in their appearance. They have an immediate feeling of confidence that they have successfully treated their teeth without damaging their teeth in the process. It is easy for them to enjoy their new smile and have a more positive outlook on their overall appearance.

While negative aspects of a zoom teeth whitening treatment are only minimal, however, there are still a few aspects you should consider. Even though most patients do not notice any negative side effects, a small portion of clients have noticed swelling or sensitivity in the gums and around the gum line. Most patients have reported that the only discomfort that they have experienced while having this procedure is from the procedure itself. This discomfort will subside over time.

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